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company news about What's PVC membrane foil

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Company News
What's PVC membrane foil
Latest company news about What's PVC membrane foil

To know what’s PVC membrane foil, I think you should know the production process-vacuum membrane pressing, which can help you know PVC membrane foil better.


the membrane presses the coating material onto the surface of the workpiece, and the heat passing directly through the membrane ensures that the adhesive is activated or cross-linked, the coating material can be foil, paper, or other material, and PVC membrane foil is the ideal coating material for surface design application, now I think you understand a little, right?


The PVC film and the sizing fiberboard are bonded together by vacuuming to achieve the effect of covering various types of decorative parts such as planes, concave-convex grooves, curved edges, and hollow engravings.

The vacuum forming process is simple and the production cost is low, and it is widely used in furniture manufacturing such as paint-free doors, sliding doors, and cabinets.


What's PVC membrane foil?

PVC membrane foil originated in Germany, Germany is a showcase country for PVC products. Its production technology has a long history and rich experience, and it is in a leading position in the world. As far as cabinets are concerned, PVC membrane foil materials have accounted for 75% of the market share, The German Renolit is one of the largest PVC producers in the world.


PVC membrane foil is our main product, which is an ideal material for cabinets, and MDF membrane doors, MDF is used as the base material,

After the engraving machine is engraved and the pattern is formed, it is finely polished and then sprayed with special glue for secondary polishing. The back surface is covered with PVC film and formed by a vacuum-forming machine.


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9 steps of the vacuum membrane pressing you may want to know
1. clean and polish the MDF board
2. Spray the glue on the MDF board
3. Dry the adhesive MDF board
4. Put the adhesive basement material into the vacuum oven
5. Load the PVC membrane foil roll or press the PVC membrane foil above the basement material
6. Pre-heat basement material
7. Do vacuum membrane pressing in high temperature
8. Lower the temperature and position
9. Lower the pressing and take out the board with PVC membrane foil


How to check PVC membrane foil quality?

There are some key points we guide you on,

1-after banding, the foil color will change to white or gloss?

2-after vacuum, is the surface of the PVC foil gloss changed or not?

3- after vacuum, is the embossed PVC foil will disappear?


You can get one roll to check the quality, or make a sample to test the market, very fast delivery time.

We are a factory which produced PVC furniture foil for over 20 years, with rich experience in this business

area, to cooperate with us, you will get a professional team to support you.


We will be happy to provide you with foil samples for your sample production.

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