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company news about How to install self adhesive PVC film?

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Company News
How to install self adhesive PVC film?
Latest company news about How to install self adhesive PVC film?

Self-adhesive PVC film is a new concept of home decor that is easily used by anyone compared to regular wallpaper. It is a sticker-type vinyl film with a similar look to regular wallpaper which requires no additional adhesive.


Self-adhesive PVC film is easy to apply, easy to remove, and easy to keep clean. Cut to length or shape for a custom application.


Self-adhesive PVC film can be used on the wall and for decorating furniture, cabinet doors, slide doors, windows, or any other things you like. We have many kinds of designs and colors, including wallpaper design, wooden design, flower design, marble design, solid color, metallic color, and many other particular patterns, which can meet your variety of requirements.


Self-Adhesive Decor Films for furniture, kitchen, doors and other surfaces

self-adhesive design films are made for quick and easy do-it-yourself furniture renovation, decoration, and crafting projects


Self-adhesive PVC film is one material with glue on the backside so that it can stick on the wall directly, and there is no need to apply the glue again. Just release the back paper and stick it by yourself.


What are the features of self-adhesive PVC film?

1. Easy to stick by yourself, peel and stick! Applicable to DIY with home finishing in a small area.

2. Easy to clean: smooth surface and waterproof; wipe clean.

3. Easy to install and remove.

4. Easy to fix, fireproof, non-toxic and eco-friendly, waterproof, free-coating

5. Various colors and designs can be chosen, customized, etc.



Adhesive films for furniture and decoration

Adhesive films offer a wide range of applications: Use our self-adhesive natural stone and wood designs to make furniture and furnishings look new again. Create stylish accents in every living room with trendy patterns and colors.


1. Prepare and clean the surface (all applications)

Surface preparation is essential regardless of the type of adhesive film used and where it is applied. Even the most minor dirt can cause unsightly dents in a self-adhesive film. The surface must be smooth and free of dirt and grease.

Thoroughly wipe down other (furniture) surfaces with a suitable cleaning product (e.g., all-purpose cleaner or wood cleaner).

If decorative foils are applied to untreated wood, the wood should first be treated with an acrylic primer.


2. Installation of decorative self-adhesive PVC foil in 5 steps

Decorative self-adhesive foils offer many possibilities for renovating furniture and furnishings.

Self-adhesive foils are available in various designs and surface constructions, e.g., wood, stone, or ultra-matte.


1. Thoroughly clean the surface to be covered.

2. Then measure the surface and cut the foil to the right size.

3. Loosen the backing paper in one corner and tear off approx. One sheet. 4.

4. Place the exposed corner of the foil on one edge. Then, peel off the protective paper on the reverse side in one piece while pressing the adhesive film with a spatula.

5. Smooth out any air bubbles from the center to the edges.

TIP: If bubbles are found, try lifting and reapplying, but sometimes, the best option is to make a small hole in the film (with a needle) to release the trapped air.


We are experts in self-adhesive PVC film. Don't hesitate to contact us for a PVC film color sample, and we can Connect, Build, and Grow together in this business area.


300+ colors, designs, and self-adhesive PVC film in stock. Contact us now!


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