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The application of PVC decorative film in the industry

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The application of PVC decorative film in the industry

May 21, 2024
Latest company case about The application of PVC decorative film in the industry

PVC film is one of the Decorative Surface Materials for furniture and cabinet-making industries.


It has impressive flexibility and mechanical characteristics and can be adapted to the intended use.

It offers a wide range of wood effects, single-color, and patterned finishes.


The surface basement material can be wooden, MDF, Plastic, metal, steel stain, aluminum, etc


It can come in adhesive and non-adhesive two types, you can use it easily in any way.


It comes in a self-adhesive type, which can be applied on any smooth surface for furniture and interior decorations easily without machines, like a sticker after peeling off the release paper and then stuck on the surface that you want to make decoration or renew.


If comes in a non-adhesive type, How do apply PVC decorative film? For furniture and door factories, you will need a membrane vacuum press machine for making PVC membrane 3D boards, a PUR laminating line for making PVC overlay 2D panels, and a wrapping machine for making PVC-wrapped profiles and panels.



PVC decorative films have various applications in the industry. Let us see the PVC Decorative Film Process Technology


PVC decorative films for lamination

PVC decorative films for vacuum membrane press

PVC decorative films for wrapping profile

Self-adhesive PVC decorative films



PVC decorative films are widely used for lamination.

Flat or 2D lamination, postforming, panel gluing… Options for a wide variety of materials and adhesives.

Substrates: 2D panels like MDF, plywood, WPC, PVC

Suitable Adhesive: PUR glue

Recommended Film Thickness: 0.14mm - 0.5mm

Applications: Interior doors, wall panels, furniture surfaces, cabinets

The lamination process involves bonding the PVC decorative film onto flat panel substrates using heat and pressure. PUR adhesives are commonly used for their strong bonding properties.

lamination methods allow decorative PVC films to be applied to various panel materials, transforming their appearance with attractive patterns and finishes for interior design and furniture manufacturing.



PVC decorative films are widely used in the vacuum membrane press or thermoforming process to laminate and shape furniture, cabinets, and decorative panels.

Vacuum Membrane Press Process

  • The PVC decorative film is heated until it becomes flexible and formable.
  • A vacuum is applied to draw the softened film over a pre-formed 3D mold or substrate.
  • The film takes the shape of the mold, creating a seamless, formed part.

Film Properties

  • Recommended Thickness: 0.25mm - 0.5mm for optimal formability and durability.
  • Designed for excellent thermoformability and surface quality.
  • Available in a wide range of wood grain patterns, solid colors, and designs.


  • Furniture components: Table tops, chair backs, cabinet doors
  • Automotive interior parts: Door panels, dashboards
  • Sanitary ware: Bathtub panels, shower enclosures
  • Refrigerator liners and interior surfaces

The vacuum membrane press process allows PVC decorative films to conform to complex 3D shapes, providing a seamless, high-quality decorative finish on various substrates like MDF, particleboard, or composites. Proper film selection and process parameters are crucial for successful thermoforming applications.


The process of vacuum membrane press:

  1. sanding the MDF board
  2. spray glue on the board
  3. 2nd sanding
  4. put the MDF board inside the heat box
  5. preheat
  6. suck and vacuum

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PVC decorative films are widely used for wrapping profiles such as door frames, window sills, skirting boards, and furniture components.

Profile Wrapping

Profiles, frames, L shape profiles, skirting board, vertical wrapping for drawer sides … Hot melt adhesives to wrap wooden, MDF, PVC, and aluminum surfaces… with almost any kind of material in rolls or sheets.


Film Properties

  • Recommended Thickness: 0.12mm - 0.18mm for optimal flexibility and conformity.
  • Available in a wide range of wood grain patterns, marble grain patterns, solid colors, and designs.
  • Provides a decorative and protective surface for profiles.


  • Door frames and window frames
  • Skirting boards and baseboards
  • Furniture drawer fronts
  • Decorative moldings and trims

Wrapping Process

  • The PVC film is applied over the profile using heat and an adhesive.
  • The film wraps around the edges, providing a seamless decorative finish.
  • Suitable for covering wood, aluminum, PVC, and other profile materials.


  • Cost-effective way to enhance the appearance of profiles.
  • Protects the underlying material from wear and moisture.
  • Allows for easy profile customization with different colors and patterns.
  • Faster production compared to wood veneering or painting processes.

The wrapping of profiles with PVC decorative films is a popular technique in the furniture, construction, and interior design industries. Proper surface preparation, film selection, and application methods are crucial for achieving high-quality and durable results.


Self-adhesive PVC decorative films are a versatile product widely used for various applications.

Self-adhesive decorative films for furniture, kitchens, doors, and other surfaces

Self-adhesive design films are designed for quick and easy DIY furniture refinishing, decoration, and craft projects.

Film Properties

  • Recommended Thickness: 0.07mm - 0.2mm for optimal adhesion and flexibility.
  • Available in a wide range of wood grain patterns, marble grain patterns, solid colors, and designs.
  • Pressure-sensitive adhesive backing for easy application.


  • Wall coverings and panel
  • Furniture surfaces (cabinets, tables, shelves)
  • Automotive interior trims
  • Appliance surfaces (refrigerators, sound box surface)
  • all smooth, flat, dry, and clean decorative surfaces

Application Process

  • Surface preparation is crucial for proper adhesion.
  • The self-adhesive film is applied directly onto the substrate using a squeegee or applicator.
  • No additional adhesives or heat are required.
  • Can be easily removed or repositioned if needed.


  • The cost-effective way to update surfaces without permanent modifications.
  • Moisture-proof, and wear proof, free coating, environmental
  • Allows for easy customization and design changes.
  • Suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

Self-adhesive PVC decorative films offer a convenient and versatile solution for enhancing the appearance of various surfaces. Their ease of application, removability, and wide range of designs make them popular in interior design, home improvement, and commercial settings.


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